Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It seems that my blog has had many starts and even more stops.  So many times over the past school year and summer I have thought to myself, "This would make a great blog post!!" yet, here I am with more than a year since my last writing.  It is time for me to "put up or shut up" as many say.  I have talked about the need for digital writing and having that online presence, but have always thought of that as either my Twitter or G+ accounts.  I now think that that is not enough and it is time to move past the 140 character limit of what I am thinking and more importantly, learning.

So I am making a renewed commitment to starting up my blog again. This time, though, I will not make any promises to how often other than to say it will be more frequently than in the past.  I want to get this going.  I need to get this started and to stick with it to hear what others have to say about my ideas and my thoughts. I see so many positive things that can come from getting back into the blogging works.  It is going to happen.  Stay Tuned...

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